Donald Trump’s campaign takes away his right to tweet without supervision

FBI clears Clinton: “new” emails were duplicates, irrelevant

The FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton over the “new” emails found on disgraced Democratic politician Anthony Weiner’s seized computer. The emails, which the FBI thought may be relevant to an earlier investigation of Clinton’s inappropriate use of a private email server while in office, turned out to be mostly duplicates of those already covered by […] Rebecca Solnit’s open letter to Trump: You should really visit New York some time

Rebecca Solnit (previously), one of my favorite writers, has published an open letter to Donald Trump, “New York City Is a Book Conservatives Should Read,” which celebrates the city’s teeming, messy, multicultural vigor — something she delves into deeply with Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, a book about the “innumerable unbound experiences of […] The New York Times’s GOP voter-suppression retrogame: “The Voter Suppression Trail”

Throughout the election cycle, The GOP Arcade has been releasing satirical 8-bit games about the GOP and right-wing politics in America; the New York Times commissioned a special one, based on the classic Oregon Trail, in which you play one of three voters attempting to cast a vote in either Texas (where you are a […] report this ad

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Dr Jordan B Peterson Debates Trans Prof on CBC TV by guitarseer on DeviantArt

Dr Jordan B Peterson Debates Trans Prof on CBC TV by guitarseer Watch Traditional Art / Drawings / Political ©2016 guitarseer #feminism #free #freedom #gender #jordan #peterson #pronouns #speech #trans (show more)…

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